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The Fresh Keratin Shop’s mission and focus is taming curly, unruly hair and restoring damaged hair to make you look your best.
Owned by Victoria Preslay, a Keratin expert and one of the first stylists in Los Angeles to begin using the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, The Fresh Keratin Shop was created to allow peoples to experience this amazing product at home.

Keratin has changed the beauty industry. A smoothing treatment that contains natural keratin protein, it tames curl and makes damaged, unmanageable hair shiny, youthful and beautiful looking once again. The results are extraordinary and we truly believe that all women have the right to access to this innovation.
Our business is primarily based on quality customer service, not only good products. We offer the best route to the best products, which is basically from the brand’s factory to your door and 100% safe, 100% original products.
Discounted Prices - we know that business is about a relationship together. Instead of trying to make all of our money on one purchase like most companies, we want you to get in for a cheap discount and experience


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